Projects of the Institute, such as Novos Cielos, develop innovative concepts in Brazilian swimming

Cesar Cielo Institute activities started in 2010, with the implementation of a fundraising program, aimed at raising funds for the development of a project called Novos Cielos (New Cielos), a swimming development program for children and young citizens.

The project Novos Cielos was developed from three centers in the State of São Paulo – Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, Limeira and São Paulo – which had already registered great results related to swimming, a sport which is very much practiced in the country – focused on children and teenagers.

The project Novos Cielos aims at supporting swimming talents, offering training to children and teenagers (6 to 18 years) and allowing them to take part in competitions, through partnerships with vocational training centers, such as the Associação dos Nadadores e Esportistas de Limeira – ANEL (Swimmers and Sportsmen Association of Limeira), the Centro Olímpico de Treinamento e Pesquisa – COTP (Center of Olympic Training and Research), the Prefeitura de São Paulo (São Paulo City Hall) and the Esporte Clube Barbarense/Unimed (Sports Club Barbarense/Unimed).

The institute has also worked with the elite, through the project called Projeto Rumo ao Ouro in 2016, known as the PRO 16, which brought two Olympic medals to Brazil during the London Games/2012. From the training program, between 2010 and 2012, two Olympic medals were conquered by Brazilian swimmers (silver, Thiago Pereira, 400-meter medley and bronze, Cesar Cielo, 50-meter freestyle) and the gold medal for Nicholas Santos, 50-meter butterfly in the Mundial em Piscina Curta (Short Course Worlds) in Istanbul, in 2012.

The first tournament: a lasting memory

In December 2012, the project Novos Cielos held its first tournament, at Esporte Clube Barbarense (Sport Club Barbarense), the place where Cesar Cielo started swimming and competing as a young boy. Two hundred swimmers participated (6 to 14 years old), in the categories: pre-junior, junior, teen 1 and 2, petiz 1 and 2 and infantile 1 and 2, disputing 25-meter and 50-meter freestyle, including qualifying, finals and awarding.

“It’s a dream I had since I’ve got some attention as a swimmer. I really admire the work done by Guga (the three-time Roland Garros champion, Gustavo Kuerten) in tennis. In the United States, where I’ve swum for some time, it’s common to see athletes engaged
in social projects and they’re part of what I want for my career”, said Cielo about the project. “For a kid, taking part in a tournament, the first one for most of them, is a lasting memory, it will be in the kid’s memory, as well as in the parents’, forever. The main idea is to give back a bit of everything I’ve received”, states Cielo about the I Torneio Novos Cielos (I Novo Cielos Tournament).

(Photos: Osvaldo F./Contrapé)