Cesar Cielo Institute: encouraging Brazilian swimming practice and development

The only Brazilian Olympic swimming champion, Cesar Cielo has enough expertise to develop projects in this modality. In addition to three Olympic medals (Beijing/2008 and London/2012), he won nine medals in world championships (Indianapolis/2004, Rome/2009, Dubai/2010 and Shanghai/2011), six of them are gold, and he is also the world record-holder in the 50-meter (20s91) and 100-meter (46s91) freestyle. He has got, as well, eight medals from Pan-American Games (Rio/2007 and Guadalajara/2011), seven of them are gold.

In order to contribute to the sport, also outside the competitions, the champion created the Cesar Cielo Institute on May 27th 2010. The mission of the institute is to encourage and promote Brazilian swimming practice and development. Presided over by the pediatrician Cesar Cielo, the swimmer’s father, the objectives of the institute, defined in the articles of association, are:

  • Promote and encourage the practice and development of the national sport;
  • Undertake promotional actions related to the national sport;
  • Undertake actions aiming at increasing the access to quality sports practice;
  • Promote playful and leisure sports activities which aim at developing the national sport;
  • Promote courses, studies, lectures and researches;
  • Promote the country’s cultural and social development;
  • Sign agreements, contracts and partnerships with public and private entities, national and international, in order to reach the goals of the institute;
  • Organize files, library, database, video library or other specialized information systems related to its field of endeavor;
  • Raise and manage resources aimed at enabling the development of relevant actions related to its proposed field of endeavor and also to its social goals.