Students in the New Cielos Olympic Center, in São Paulo: sponsored by Volkswagen Bank and Jasmine by the Sports Incentive Law

First pass of the Ministry of Sports through the Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte (Sports Incentive Law), with funds raised from the Volkswagen Bank and Jasmine, will benefit 135 children and youth from eight classes.

The core training of the Olympic Training Center and Research (COTP), from São Paulo, will receive resources for the Novos Cielos (New Cielos) Project, approved by the Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte (Sports Incentive Law), sponsored by Volkswagen Bank and Jasmine. The first beneficiaries will be 135 children and young people, 10-18 years old from COTP, sports training center of the Prefeitura de São Paulo (São Paulo City Hall). The project aims to provide swimming training in various categories and allow participation in national competitions.

The Institute’s project, created by the Olympic champion Cesar Cielo, was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Sports of the Federal Government under Law No. 11.438/06 and Decree 6.180/07, of the Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte (Sports Incentive Law).

Levels: Initiation and improvement

The Novos Cielos (New Cielos) will be developed in partnership with the Olympic Center, which provides the space – pool that has quality to receive the Olympic champion Cesar Cielo – and already has swimming lessons. The 97 swimmers from five classes will be transferred to the project, which will have eight classes and 135 athletes. The first two levels (beginners and improvement) will start for children 6-10 years old, who already know how to swim (will not be required knowledge of styles or skill). Will be addressed further classes or levels in six competitive categories, defined by age, number of workouts per week and workload.

The training will be practical and theoretical, according to the needs identified by teachers. The project will have a technical supervisor, five technicians and five assistants, responsible for structuring the athletes’ training routine, dividing activities between theory, practice and physical. The technicians will also be responsible for monitoring athletes in competitions and plan workouts with the technical supervisor. As a complement to the training, the project will provide transportation, food and lodging for participation in national and continental competitions.

COTP provides 14 swimmers for clubs

“Human resources will be expanded and, with more teachers, we may also absorb more children in swimming classes. The Olympic Center already has the training and the physical structure and will now have more resources. With this, we can work with higher quality mode and play matches”, says Professor Luiz do Amaral Fernandes Barbosa from the Olympic Center, which will integrate the project Novos Cielos (New Cielos). Luiz had 14 swimmers formed by the City Hall pool, which were hired by Pinheiros, Sesi and Corinthians (very important clubs in São Paulo) at the beginning of the 2013 season.

O professor Luiz Fernandes do Amaral (D), com os colegas Rodrigo e Luana

O professor Luiz Fernandes do Amaral (D), com os colegas Rodrigo e Luana