• APR 02

    I love competitions / Jordana Zancaneli, 10 years old

    “I’ve learned to swim at Domus Sapientiae, a school in São Paulo, and, in October 2012, I came to Centro Olímpico (Olympic Center) to swim and to take part in competitions. I’ve already competed in backstroke and freestyle, in the Junior Circuit, at Paineiras, and I loved it.”

    (Photo: Contrapé/Divulgação)
  • I’ve got friends and the trainings are cool / Maryana Mari, 11 years old

    “I’ve been swimming since I was 8. I started at a gym in Caieiras. I’ve been coming to Centro Olímpico to practice since 2011. I’ve already won two bronze medals, 100-meter backstroke and freestyle, in the championship Paulista de Inverno, as petiz 2 and I also took 5th place in 200-meter medley. I like swimming. I feel good when I leave the pool. I’ve got friends and the trainings are cool. I guess I’ve been improving since I got here. I’m Rodrigo’s student (teacher Rodrigo Fernandes de Mello).”

  • MAR 19

    The kids get crazy with Cielo / Maike Alan Cruz, 18 years old

    “I’ve been swimming at Centro Olímpico since 2007, 200-meter breaststroke and 400-meter medley. The arrival of the project Novos Cielos will add a lot. Competing is really important, an incentive. Without it, it isn’t swimming. The kids get crazy when Cielo comes to the pool. And it’s for a good reason, after all, the guy is a Olympic and world champion and a record-holder. It’s really good to have such references.”

    (Photo: Contrapé/Divulgação)
  • I don’t get sick anymore / Alan Nicolas Nazaré, 8 years old

    “I’ve learned to swim at Agito, in Itaquera. When I wasn’t swimming I used to get sick all the time, but not anymore. I like swimming.”

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